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The launch price of the iPhone 11 was $699 for the 64GB model, $999 for the 64GB model of the 11 Pro and $1099 for the 64GB model of the 11 Pro Max. In our country, for 11, 7 thousand 299 TL, 11 Pro 10 thousand 99 TL and 11 Pro Max 11 thousand 999 TL went on sale. All over the world, even the iPhone 11 has achieved a sales success of over 100 million.

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iPhone SE 2 (2020)
The iPhone SE 2 managed to fit the features of the iPhone XR and 11 into the case of the iPhone 8, just like the first SE model. This device, of course, could not use some new technologies such as FaceID due to its design. However, it

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managed to stand out with its similarity to the 11 family rather than the iPhone 8 in terms of camera, processor and connection options.

The SE 2 model, with a launch sale price of 399 dollars, was offered for sale in our country for 5 thousand 299 TL. It also managed to sell more than 25 million units

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of this device all over the world. However, it is said that the new models are not as popular as the iPhone SE model introduced in 2016, as it looks like an old device next to the full-screen designs.

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iPhone 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max (2020)
The iPhone 12 family has been a series that has made the long-awaited design change, albeit partially, and is highly appreciated by its users. I think there is no one who used the iPhone 4 or 5 series and did not like the 12 series.

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Although many people consider the name iPhone 11S appropriate for these devices, which also impress with their technical features, we think such a design change deserves a new name.

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The launch sale price for the iPhone 12 mini was $ 699, the iPhone 12 was $ 799, the iPhone 12 Pro was $ 999, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max was $ 1099. In Turkey, iPhone 12 mini 9 thousand 999 TL, iPhone 12 10 thousand 999 TL,

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iPhone 12 Pro 14 thousand 999 TL, iPhone 12 Pro Max 16 thousand 999 TL was offered for sale.

iPhone 13 Mini & 13 & 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max (2021)
Expectations for the iPhone 13 family were quite high. Introduced in September of last year,

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the series has undergone a serious change on the screen, especially with the Pro models. Models that have been introduced to users with a refresh rate of 60 Hz to date have started to offer adaptive 120 Hz speeds with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

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The announced launch prices of 128 GB models of these devices were iPhone 13 mini $ 699, iPhone 13 $ 799, iPhone 13 Pro $ 999 and iPhone 13 Pro Max $ 1099, respectively. In Turkey, iPhone 13 mini 10 thousand 999 TL, iPhone 13

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11 thousand 999 TL, iPhone 13 Pro 15 thousand 999, iPhone 13 Pro Max 17 thousand 999 were offered for sale.

However, due to the exchange rate hike in the past period, there has been a huge increase in iPhone prices, which can be said to be almost 2 times. Instantly, iPhone 13 mini is sold at 17 thousand 499 TL, iPhone 13 18 thousand 999 TL

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, iPhone 13 Pro 24 thousand 999, iPhone 13 Pro Max 27 thousand 999 prices.

iPhone SE (2022)
The iPhone SE 3, just like its predecessors, managed to fit the most up-to-date technologies of its era (the features of the iPhone 13 family) into the iPhone 8’s case. Of course, this device cannot use some new technologies such

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as FaceID due to its design, but it stands out with its similarity to the iPhone 13 series rather than iPhone 8 in terms of camera, processor and connection options.

The SE 2 model, with a launch sale price of 399 dollars, entered our country at 10 thousand 999 TL. However, it is said that until now, it has been far below Apple’s expectations in terms of sales success. Still, it can be a good alternative


for those who want an up-to-date iPhone. BOE Display, one of the largest screen manufacturers in China, continues to produce OLED screens, which has made innovations that have surprised the world in recent years. The company’s player monitors and the high screen refresh rates they achieve make it especially popular in the e-sports world.

95-inch OLED display with 7680×4320 pixels resolution
Chinese display manufacturer BOE continues to improve itself on the screen. The company, which has made a name for itself with its innovative products in recent years, introduced its 95-inch 8K OLED display product. With a resolution of up to 7680×4320 pixels, the product makes a name for itself with its 120Hz refresh rate. BOE continues to work hard on 8K resolution displays, which are not very popular at the moment. The company, which expects to become popular in the future, continues to promote its products in this area. The 95-inch OLED screen with 8K resolution meets its users with a 1 million to 1 screen contrast ratio.

Adopting 8K high aperture ratio based on transparent capacitive pixel design, it comes with 99 percent DCI-P3 wide color gamut. In addition, the screen attracts attention with an ultra-narrow bezel design. On the other hand, the 95-inch OLED screen with an average brightness of 150 nits can reach a maximum of 800 nits. The 95-inch OLED display has a number of key features. So much so that the product comes with ultra-thick metal coating technology, deep hole etching technology and oxide TFT structure optimization.